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THE WORLD AT AN END #136 -- The Emperor has no clothes

Once again we hear from the holy Bp Schneider, who likens Pope Francis’ support of homosexual blessings to the emperor without clothes.

* The Pope/Vatican uses mental gymnastics in defending Fiducia Supplicans, which are an insult to our reason, taking us for idiots.

* The Pope is damaging his own soul and putting the entire world in danger.

* Fiducia Supplicans promotes sin and is an abuse of the magisterial power of the Pope. His abuse of his powers undermines the Catholic faith.

* The blessing of homosexual couples, a public blessing of sin, is an abomination.

Bp Schneider exhorts Catholics to call out the Pope on his support for homosexual couple blessings. He says Catholics must reject this, protest against this, and ask the Pope to retract it.

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