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THE WORLD AT AN END #140 -- Opposing sides on COVID-19 vaccines

Pope Francis doubles down on his pro-COVID vax stand, and condemns those who refuse to take the abortion-tainted vax (I am one of them). He says being anti-COVID vax is a suicidal act, while ignoring the very many recorded instances of deaths and injuries attributed to the COVID injections (to date, over 17M worldwide have died, making this the worst man-made medical catastrophe in history). You have probably heard of stories of many strong young athletes just dropping down and dying. The Pope's stand is consistent with the globalist elites, including the WHO, that want to impose the vax on peoples in a totalitarian manner.

On the other side, we have Peter McCullough, a cardiologist and prominent COVID establishment critic. He says over 560,000 in the US have died due to COVID shots, but suspect that such deaths are grossly underreported, probably 30 to one (that makes it 16.8M).

The mRNA technology of the popular COVID-vaccine remains experimental, despite dubious claims to the contrary. Then for Catholics, there is the ethical consideration of being abortion-tainted. There was a criminal rush to market the so-called vaccines, and since then up to today, Big Pharma continues to rake in billions.

Pope denounces anti-vaxxers.

Dr McCullough on the dark side of COVID-19 vaccines.

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