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THE WORLD AT AN END #149 -- Female diaconate and priesthood

Pope Francis continues on the pathway of approving female deacons. If he carries through with this, he would be a heretic Pope. Just as he caved in to the LGBT movement with the blessing of same-sex couples, he may cave in to feminist demands for the ordination of women. But a female diaconate has no real justification, neither in the Holy Scriptures nor in the history of the Church.

As to the washing of the feet of 12 women instead of traditionally 12 men, representing the apostles, the Pope says such was done in imitation of Christ. No, it was not, as Jesus washed the feet only of men. The Pope’s action is another assault on the all-male priesthood.

Under Pope Francis, the damage to the Church has been immense, open heresy has become acceptable, and the traditional faith has come under increasing pressure.

The Pope and female deacons

Pope washes feet of 12 women on Holy Thursday

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