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THE WORLD AT AN END #150 -- EVs, wind and solar not reliable nor environmentally friendly

Here’s a reality check for those woke liberals who are all-out for green energy.

* To produce EV batteries and wind and solar energy systems requires destructive and expensive mining of the metals needed. Such environmental destruction includes deforestation, soil erosion, water contamination, loss of wildlife habitats, air pollution.

* Wind and solar systems fail during heat waves or winter storms.

* Eventual disposing of EV batteries and decommissioning of wind turbines and solar panels is a problematic environmental issue.

* Operating green energy systems ends up much more expensive than using fossil fuels or nuclear power.

So wind and solar systems are not cheap, reliable or environmentally friendly. These are all contrary to the goals of green energy, which are to reduce pollution, improve human health, protect the environment, and provide reliable energy at lower costs.

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