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THE WORLD AT AN END #152 -- Fr Jesusmary attacked for his attacks on Pope Francis' errors

Fr Jesusmary calls for public and collegial filial correction of Pope Francis for his many errors. Among others:

* To live in continence (chastity) is an option.

* One is not born a saint, even Mary.

* The pluralism and diversity of religions is a wise divine will.

* Publicly pro-abortion Catholic politicians can receive Holy Communion without need to reject their promotion of abortion.

* Couples of the same sex can be blessed.

Is the Pope a Freemason? The convergence between the Pope’s errors and the aspirations of ecclesiastical Masonry is undeniable.

Thus Fr Jesusmary says bishops and cardinals must publicly correct Pope Francis’ many heresies.

Because Fr Jesusmary attacks the Pope’s errors, he himself is under attack. He was already dismissed from Opus Dei. Now he is threatened with dismissal from the clerical state. 

Fr Jesusmary to be tried canonically for criticism of Pope Francis.

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