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THE WORLD AT AN END #154 -- Israel, Iran and World War III

We today are in a very dangerous time. Israel bombed Iran’s consulate in Syria. Iran retaliated with firing over 300 missiles and drones at Israel, and now the world awaits Israel’s threatened response to this. The great danger is that if Israel hits Iran, Iran would retaliate in an even greater degree. This can precipitate a regional conflict, with Iran’s proxies and allies attacking Israel. As Israel on its own may not withstand such an attack, its ally the USA may rise in its defense. This can then trigger an all-out war, with engagements from Russia, Turkey and Muslim nations on the side of Iran.

All of this is an offshoot of the unjust occupation by Israel of Palestinian lands, with the now six-month old war in Gaza, which is looked on by the whole world as a genocide. In this one-sided war, Israel is supported militarily and diplomatically by the USA, the UK and other Western nations. The West is thus complicit in genocide.

How Prime Minister Netanyahu decides to repond is crucial. We are at the brink of World War III, and he can be the trigger.

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