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THE WORLD AT AN END #155 -- Pope Francis urges renewal for Discalced Carmelites

Pope Francis is not a defender of Tradition, as shown, among others, by his attack on the Traditional Latin Mass. In the same way, from some time ago, he has shown disfavor on cloistered nuns, urging them to go out into the world. Now the Discalced Carmelites are looking to a revision of their Constitution, which I believe comes about due to pressure from the Pope.

While the Pope talks about preserving the nuns’ charism, he looks to their not just separation from the world but to immersion in it. He seems to demean "seeking refuge in interior spiritual consolations or a prayer divorced from reality.” But is not interior spirituality the very charism of a cloistered nun? Such is not divorced from reality.

The Pope references Martha and Mary. He says how can Martha entertain Jesus and offer him food if Mary just sits at his feet and does not help her? But when Martha complained to Jesus and asked him to tell Mary to help her, Jesus precisely told her that Mary had chosen the better part and it would not be taken from her (Lk 10:39-42). Pope Francis, the Discalced Carmelites have already chosen the better part, to precisely serve the Church by remaining in their cloisters. Please do not take this away from them.

In his address, Pope Francis ends by asking the nuns to pray for him, not against him. This snide comment is uncalled for. But then, the Pope does see that cloistered nuns are not in favor of his forcing them to go into the world. Pope Francis, these wonderful nuns are not praying against you, but against your modernist direction.

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