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THE WORLD AT AN END #160 -- The Antichrist

The Modernism that is today sweeping our Church from the very top is a prelude to the emergence of the Antichrist. What will rise is a false religion that mimics the real one, but in fact opposes and destroys it. It is apostasy on steroids.

Among elements of this false religion are:

* Naturalism. Empasis on eco-spirituality, that worships Gaia or the pachamama.

* Advancing the common good but without Christ. Embracing political correctness.

* Freemasonry. Promotion of international fraternity and the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.

* No dogmas. Assault on Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

* No hierarchy. Assault on patriarchy and promotion of sydodality.

* No curbs on passions. Embrace of LGBT.

The new way will be attractive to many, as it seemingly focuses on the well-being of people and the planet. But it will be a world without Christ.

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