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THE WORLD AT AN END #168 -- What is realliy happening in Gaza

Western mainstream media paint Palestinians as the bad guys and Israel as the good guy. Israel has the support of the US, and many Americans and the collective West support Israel, equating Palestinians as Hamas and thus a terrorist organization. But Israel has been brought to the International Court of Justice for the crime of genocide. Israel apologists dismiss this with propaganda. But much of the world condemns Israel.

Israel today is a very secular state (and a center for LGBT) and is an occupying oppressor, for many decades now. But people do not know what has really transpired, and just focus on the October 7 attack of Hamas. But the truth is much deeper than that.

I still believe in God’s covenant with Israel, and that at the end Israel will recognize the one true Messiah. But in the meantime, it commits war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank.

Be open and knowledgeable and not just an uncritical defender of Israel.

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