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THE WORLD AT AN END #169 -- What really is synodlity?

The Synod on Synodality, not to be confused with synods of bishops that have happened in the past, is an anomaly. There is no such thing, until now. It has never existed before in ecclesiastical usage. It is a tool of Pope Francis to help accomplish his goals of remaking the Church, but unfortunately contrary to what the Church truly is, as established by Christ.

What is it then?

* It is restructuring the Church into an NGO. It is a political rather than an ecclesiastical term.

* It is Protestantizing the Church, where there is democracy and leadership by laypeople rather than Church hierarchy. It is comparable to a party congress in China.

* Its ultimate aim is the acceptance of homosexuality and such things as the diaconate of women.

* It is turning the Church upside-down, with what was never Catholic becoming Catholic, contrary to Christ’s teachings and Tradition. It is restructuring the Church, but leading to its destruction.

* It has caused the loss of the Church's supernatural faith. The Church is no longer truly Catholic.

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