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THE WORLD AT AN END #172 -- Pope Francis and the French Revolution and Freemasonry

The roots of the French revolution are in Freemasonry. In the latter, a mason is required to have some kind of spiritual or religious life, but it does not matter what it is. One may be a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, etc. The Masonic Lodges have the Bible, the Koran, etc., on its altar. Clearly this is incompatible with Christianity, where there is only one Savior, Jesus, and there is only one true Church (or religion) established by Jesus himself.

The ideology of the French revolution is liberty, equality and fraternity. All sound good. The problem is it is centered on man, and denies the preeminence of Christ. Now Pope Francis has adopted this ideology/theology. Be nice and good to others, accompany, embrace, we are all brothers and sisters, no one is excluded, do not judge, etc., but do not talk about sin because it is offensive. It is loving the sinner but not hating the sin. It is about the city of man but not the city of God. It is secular humanist but not spiritual and supernatural.

The Pope says do not proselytize, which just means to make converts and disciples, which is the very mission Jesus gives his Church. For the Pope, what is important is to get along, to be brethren (obviously not in Christ), to do good to all. Noble indeed, but totally contrary to the teachings of Jesus, the apostles and the authentic Church.

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