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THE WORLD AT AN END #184 -- Banning the Traditional Latin Mass

It is rumored that the Vatican will completely ban the Tradtional Latin Mass (TLM) this month. To date, the TLM has been suppressed by Pope Francis, who discourages its celebration. All this is totally wrong.

* The TLM is the Mass of the Ages, celebrated by Catholics for centuries until the Novus Ordo came into being after Vatican II. It is unthinkable to simply abolish and prohibit a liturgy that has existed for 1,500 years.

* It is false to claim that the TLM threatens the unity of the Church, since there are many other liturgical practices being done, especially by the Eastern Catholic Churches. All these liturgical practices can co-exist and would even enhance the richness of the celebration of the Eucharist throughout the Church.

* The TLM is attracting young people and large families to the Mass and to the Church, contrary to the loss of faith and growing apostasy now among Catholics.

Why would the Vatican ban the TLM? This is abour modernism, which rejects Tradition and overturns teachings of Jesus and the apostles in favor of a man-centered religion. The TLM is very Christ-centered, while modernism looks to man at the center.

* All are welcome into the Church, including unrepentant sinners and atheists. All are part of an international fraternity and even the communion of saints.

* All sinners can receive a blessing, including same-sex couples and those in irregular unions.

* The Church has become more of an NGO rather than the instrument of salvation of souls.

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