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THE WORLD AT AN END #78 -- Fiducia Supplicans divide bishops throughout the world

Fiducia Supplicans, the Vatican directive on blessing same-sex couples, has divided bishops throughout the world.

On the one side are the conservative orthodox bishops. They are the ones who stand for what is right and just and true.

Malawi bishops forbid blessings of homosexual unions.

Kazakhstan bishops ban blessings of homosexual couples.

Societry of Saint Pius X (SSPX) says approval of same-sex blessings is scandalous.

Bp Joseph Strickland of the USA urges bishops to say “No” to blessings of same-sex couples.

On the opposite side are the leftist, liberal, progressive, modernist bishops, who have lost their way. These include Pope Francis, many of the German bishops, the head of the Austrian Bishops Conference, and others. These are homosexualist, heretical and heterodox prelates.

I praise God that there are bold bishops who speak out the truth. Of special mention are the African bishops. But many bishops especially of the West are no longer authentic pastors and teachers, as they have gone the way of the world rather than the way of Christ and his righteousness.

Then there are those bishops who are silent and/or afraid. They are blind, deaf and dumb. They are forsaking their responsibility to Christ and his Church.


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