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THE WORLD AT AN END #81 -- More opposition to Fiducia Supplicans

More and more bishops are opposing Fiducia Supplicans, and telling their priests not to bless same-sex couples.

Zambia bishops (the Zambia Episcopal Conference) forbid blessings of homosexual couples.

Swiss Bp Marian Eleganti says a sinful practice and union cannot be blessed.

SSPX Superior General says Vatican approval of same-sex blessings accelerates the loss of souls.

Canon lawyer Fr Murray excoriates Vatican doc endorsing blessing of gay couples.

And of course, on the other side is the homosexualist Fr James Martin, who quickly blessed a gay couple in New York. Take note of the pictures. A gay couple holding hands while being blessed. Another pic of a gay couple who were “married” at Judson Memorial Church (a Protestant Church), with the priest wearing his stole, a liturgical vestment. This is surely what some Catholic priests will do, despite Vatican assurances that it will not be liturgical and is not a marriage.


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