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THE WORLD AT AN END #82 -- The Hermit's statement on Fiducia Supplicans

Brethren, here is my statement on Fiducia Supplicans. As this matter has become contentious, confusing and divisive, I welcome your feedback, even your disagreement, so that we can try to sort things out and come out with what is just and true.




Pope Francis released this directive on blessing same-sex couples (and other irregular

unions). It is dividing our Catholic Church, with many bishops and priests rejecting it outright,

but with papal apologists defending it vigorously. It is causing much confusion among the


I would like to offer my two denarii worth on this matter.

Claim: The blessing is on the person and not on his sinful condition

Indeed, hate the sin but love the sinner. However, Church modernists today just talk of

acceptance and accompaniment, but stop short of condemning sin. The result is that the sinner is affirmed in his sin, seeing no need to repent and change course. As such, this becomes not a blessing but a curse. It is false mercy.

Claim: Do not subject the person to an exhaustive moral analysis before giving a blessing

Priests do bless people who come for blessings, and do not inquire if they are in a state of grace or sin. But if an obviously gay couple (a couple, not just an individual) comes for a

blessing, is it not obvious that they want to be blessed as a gay couple? Giving the blessing then is giving a blessing on a sinful relationship.

Claim: A sinner needs such blessing in order to have grace and strength to live for Christ

Is a gay couple that seeks such a blessing desiring to turn away from sin? Most probably not. If they did, they can just be blessed individually. Such blessings already exist and are being used in the Church. But being blessed as a gay couple, they are now affirmed in their chosen lifestyle. Why then should they repent? The Church has already affirmed their gay relationship. God does not and cannot bless or bestow grace upon a relationship that is contrary to His laws and ways.

Claim: Jesus accepted and blessed sinners

Jesus did come for sinners, as all of us are. We as sinners do need the grace and blessing of God to live our lives according to His ways. But Jesus told sinners to repent and sin no more. He blessed those who genuinely wanted to change or be changed for the better. In coming for a blessing, is a same-sex couple wanting to be delivered from their sin, or wanting to be affirmed in their relationship?

Claim: Such a blessing is in accord with the love and mercy of God

God indeed is loving and merciful. Jesus indeed has come for sinners. But Jesus told sinners to repent and sin no more. The blessing of a same-sex couple, given not to an individual sinner but to the couple as a couple, is false mercy. It keeps the sinners in their sin and thus subjects them to eternal condemnation.

Claim: It is not the same-sex union that is blessed but the couple

This is just so much play on words. Is not what defines a couple the fact that they are

precisely a union?

Claim: It is not a liturgical blessing and so cannot be confused with marriage

Apologists take great pain to insist that there is no intent to convey a wrong conception of marriage. Perhaps not, but this is a step in the wrong direction. Do you think same-sex couples will be content with this? They will not. They will push for the next step, which is same-sex marriage. Some Protestant churches have already gone in this direction.

Claim: One should neither provide for nor promote a ritual for the blessings of couples in an

irregular situation

The German Catholic bishops back blessings for same-sex couples, and its Synod adopted a paper to allow blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples from 2026. Now, with Fiducia Supplicans, their timetable is being accelerated, and prayers and liturgy for the blessing of same-sex couples are being prepared.

Flemish bishops in Belgium already authorized a text allowing for a ritual blessing of same- sex couples last September 2022.

Claim: Look not on the dark side but on the pastoral good the Pope wants to happen

The Pope and all clerics are pastors, that is, shepherds who are to guide, protect and be a blessing to the sheep. But blessing same-sex couples will not result in any good, but would in fact bring in the wolves and lions into the sheepfold.

What is the pastoral vision of the Pope? For people to be affirmed and remain in their sin? Indeed, modernists in the Church would like to legitimize homosexuality and accept LGBT.

Claim: Priests bless food, cars, new houses and even pets, so why not all persons?

Indeed, persons are entitled to blessings. But given the analogy of blessing a house for

example, a priest should not bless a house that is intended as a drug den or a house of

prostitution. The very same house, on the one hand, can and should be blessed, but on the

other case, should not receive such a blessing. Cardinal Gerhard Muller says that according to the Pope’s directive, “one could even bless an abortion clinic or a mafia group.”

But priests stand in the place of God, from whom the blessing comes. It is unacceptable to give a blessing, even a non-liturgical one, in a situation that is totally opposed to the teachings of Jesus and his Church. If a priest gives such a blessing, he in effect would be rejecting Christ and the teachings of the Church (Pope Francis affirms that homosexual unions are contrary to God’s law).

Claim: Priests should not detach themselves from those who need a doctor.

Jesus came for sinners. Pope Francis himself has likened the Church to a field hospital,

treating those who are wounded. But a hospital is not just a place where those in need are

welcomed and made comfortable, but where their wounds are actually treated.

In conclusion

Fiducia Supplicans may sound good and may check the right boxes.

  • Same-sex unions should not be confused with sacramental marriage. 

  • What is blessed must be conformed to God’s will.

  • Sexual activity outside of marriage is condemned.

  • To seek a blessing is to seek God’s mercy, desiring to do God’s will.

But blessing same-sex couples in an ongoing sinful relationship is contrary to all the above.

Fiducia Supplicans leaves a great deal of room for alternative interpretations and

applications. For me, the basic issue is the blessing of a person versus the blessing of a gay

couple. To bless a same-sex couple is wrong and not acceptable.

  • Because the Church cannot bless what is sinful.

  • Because a priest should not bless a couple whose very relationship goes against the

righteousness of God.

  • Because homosexual sin has always been condemned by God. In the Old Testament,

see Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13. In the New Testament, see Romans 1:26-27 and 1

Corinthians 6:9-10.

  • Because sodomy is one of four sins that cry out to God for vengeance (see Genesis


  • Because the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 2021 clearly stated that the

Church does not have the power to give the blessing to unions of persons of the same


  • Because it will cause confusion and great scandal to the faithful, who cannot fully

distinguish the nuances of such blessings.

  • Because it will further divide the people of God, as it is already doing now.

  • Because it is false mercy, in keeping a same-sex couple in their sin, contrary to the

very purported intent of the blessing.

Further, consider how Church people have reacted. Conservatives and traditionalists have strongly opposed this, while liberals/progressives/modernists, especially the LGBTs, are

rejoicing in it. Conservatives are trying to hold the line on what is authentic teaching and

doctrine, while modernists are remaking the Church into one focused on man and no longer on God. On which side would you like to stand?

Homosexualist Fr James Martin SJ quickly praised the new norms, saying it "recognizes the desire for same-sex couples for God’s presence and help in their committed and loving

relationships.” Did you get it? He sees the blessing of same-sex couples as not, according to

Cardinal Fernandez (head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith), for them to ultimately be conformed to God’s will, but that they would remain in their homosexual relationship and to be committed to it. And no, Fr Martin, it is not a relationship of love that is of God. It is antithetical to authentic Christian love. Tragically, the modernists in the Church are overturning the meaning of love, which is focused just on human relationships but not the righteousness of God.

Salve Regina.


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