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They Doubted (Thought for the Day Part 11)

The women told the eleven disciples that Jesus had been raised. Then when they themselves “saw him, they worshiped, but they doubted.” (Mt 28:17). They doubted! Jesus had repeatedly told them about his death and rising up, and now it had happened. They themselves saw him. Thomas had touched him. But still they doubted!

The Greek verb for doubt occurs elsewhere in the New Testament only in Matthew 14:31, where Jesus tells Peter of his “little faith.” This speaks of those who are disciples of Jesus but whose faith in him is not as deep as it should be.

Just like us.

Jesus is already victorious over sin and death and the evil one, but we his disciples, fully empowered by him, still sin, live the culture of death, and remain in bondage to the evil one. We say we are merely human, we can’t avoid other pressing priorities in life, but we will eventually get around to holiness of life. O you of little faith!

We already know the harvest is rich, because Jesus himself tells us so, but we still hold back on bringing in that harvest. We say we don’t have the resources, the task is very difficult, the opposition is intense. O you of little faith!

Jesus says, “All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, ...” (Mt 28:18-19a). No more excuses. Doubt no more. Just go .... be holy and make disciples of all nations.

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