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They Left Everything (Thought for the Day Part 32)

Gospel reading: Luke 5:1-11

Jesus performed a great miracle in the catch of fish. Then he commissioned the fishermen to be fishers of men. Their response? They “left everything and followed him.” (v.11b).

Their response was a total detachment from material possessions, a complete giving of self, a wholehearted focus on the mission, a full trust in a future with Jesus. This is the same response expected of us, as Jesus calls us to be witnesses, evangelizers and missionaries.

* * *

Note: My very first book, published in 1996, is entitled “Fishers of Men.” It is an exposition of this very gospel passage. Drawing from the scripture text, it expounds on the 7 principles of evangelization, the 7 pitfalls, and the 7 elements of our response. In effect, the book is our basic catechesis on evangelization.

* * *

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