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Three Times (Thought for the Day Part 4)

Jesus asked the Father three times that the cup pass from him (Mt 26:39,42,44). Paul begged the Lord three times that the thorn in his flesh leave him (2 Cor 12:7-8). Both of them were severely tormented. They preferred not having the cup or the thorn. But God thought otherwise. The cup given to and accepted by Jesus resulted in his winning salvation for the world. The thorn in Paul's flesh just highlighted the fact that God's power is made perfect in human weakness.

How about us? What is our cup or our thorn? What is that one circumstance that we desperately want to be rid of? How many times have we been asking the Lord to remove it?

If you have asked three times, that is enough. God is not deaf. God hears our every prayer. But God has His ways, so very different from ours. We cannot keep insisting that we know best what is good for us, no matter how painful the situation is for us. Just say, "not as I will, but as you will." Then just hear God say, "My grace is sufficient for you." Then boast most gladly of your weaknesses.

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