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To Be Righteous And Just (Financial Stewardship Part 25)

Today’s readings:

Psalm 37:5-6,30-31,39-40

Mark 7:14-23

David says in this psalm:

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will act and make your righteousness shine like the dawn, your justice like noonday.” (Ps 37:5-6).

We are the Lord’s, including our time, talent and treasure. But oftentimes we act as if we are our own—doing our own plans, following our own agenda, using our resources for our own benefit. That is when we get into trouble. What is the way for the Christian? Since we are the Lord’s, then we commit our way to the Lord. We go and do things His way. When we do so, then “he will act,” always for our good.

First, God will let justice bloom in us. Now justice is giving to the other person what is his due. To God is due a tithe. To human beings is due the salvation that Jesus already won for them. Whatever we own is God’s, but He asks only for 10% of our money in order to do the work of the Kingdom. This work is mission, to proclaim the gospel of salvation to others, which helps bring them to conversion. If we withhold our money (and time and energy) and thus restrict mission and thus prevent others from hearing the gospel, then we are being unjust not just to God but also to our fellow human beings.

Second, God will bring us to righteousness. Indeed He calls us to be holy and to be perfect as He is. But if we withhold the tithe and thus rob Him, then how can we be holy? We would be defiled, as “from within people, from their hearts, come …. theft” (Mk 7:21). Withholding the tithe often also entails just wanting more of God’s money for ourselves. Thus we would also be guilty of “greed” (Mk 7:22). And if we try to justify our action by citing this or that need, or this or that excuse, we can even be guilty of “deceit” (Mk 7:22). “All these evils come from within and they defile.” (Mk 7:23).

What then are we to do? How do we commit our way to the Lord? How can our righteousness and justice shine forth? Well, give your tithe of your treasure, as well as your time and talent. And “trust in him” (Ps 37:5b). Trust that God will take care of your needs. Trust that God will make all things work for your good. Trust that God will even bring you to abundance.

* * *

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