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To Vax Or Not To Vax

Updated: Apr 6, 2022


A hermit observing the world from his cave

The evil one sure knows how to divide us. The aspect of whether to be vaccinated or not

has divided scientists, medical practitioners, families, friends, parishes, Churches, lay communities, citizens within nations.

Now you may have strong views and you certainly have every right to speak about it

and to promote what you think is best. But there is a simple way to avoid disastrous division. It is to decide for yourself, and to respect the decision of others for themselves.

And do not force your views on others. A corollary to that, even more important,

is do not force the inoculation itself on unwilling persons. It is a violation of their dignity, rights and freedom.

But is a COVID vax mandate not for the good of all? Does not the Church say it is for love

of neighbor? If both vaxxed and unvaxxed can be infected and both can pass on the infection, why discriminate against the unvaxxed? And to force something on your neighbor is certainly not love but tyranny.

Even God who is Love does not force His salvation on us.



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