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Two Kinds of Love (Our Theme for 2023 Part 8)

Today’s gospel: Luke 11:42-46

Jesus says that the Pharisees “love the seat of honor” but “pay no attention …. to love for God.” (v.42b,43a). The Pharisees were firm in their Jewish faith, and in being strict observers of the law, thought they were founded on their love for God. But such was not the case. In fact, Jesus kept calling them hypocrites.

  • They were strict and meticulous in paying their tithes. Rightly so. But they neglected the weightier matters, such as judgment and love for God (v.42).

  • They were proud in their religious standing, looking to seats of honor and acclaim from others (v.43).

  • They were like unseen graves (since contact with the dead or with graves brought ritual impurity) as they led people astray and away from the faith (v.44).

“Then one of the scholars of the law said to” Jesus that they (the scribes) were being insulted by him (v.45). Jesus rebuked him, saying they imposed burdens on people but did not help them (v.46).

Today we have religious authorities, teachers and pastors who seem to be firm in faith, but actually are not founded on love, certainly not love for God nor for His people.

  • The liberals and modernists preach love, acceptance, embrace and accompaniment of sinners, rightly so, but refrain from getting them out of their sin. So this is not love but false mercy.

  • They promote universal brotherhood of all men. Yes, if we look to Adam & Eve, but no, if we consider Christian brotherhood, which is only for those who accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, and become firm in the Christian faith.

  • They preach love, and in the process accept same-sex “love” relationships, acceptance of pro-aborts to Holy Communion, and many other matters which are contrary to authentic Christian love.

  • They mislead people about the final judgment, saying either there is no hell, or if there is, that no one ever goes there. So just enjoy the city of man and don’t worry about the city of God. This is a great failure in love, as people will end up spending their eternity in flames.

The authentic Christian life is a burden hard to carry (v.46b), but Jesus commits to carry the load with us, yoked together. This burden is imposed, but is a loving imposition designed to keep us firm in faith and get us to heaven. Let us love not the things of this world, but only God and neighbor.

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