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Ultra-liberal Bp Robert McElroy (Quo vadis, Pope Francis? Part 178)

Pope Francis has been stacking the College of Cardinals with liberals, but this one tops them all. McElroy is the most pro-LGBT, left-wing bishop in the USA. The Pope and his liberal hierarchs are intent on transforming our Church, away from the authentic Church of Christ into a church of man—pro-homosexuality, favorable to pro-aborts, suppressing Tradition, overturning age-old Church teachings, giving Communion to unrepentant grave sinners, in favor of same-sex marriage, full support for the corrupt and immoral Biden administration.

Wake up and resist!

---------------------------------- Pope Francis’ new cardinal pick has a horrifying record on homosexuality and abortion

An in-depth look at the shocking background of ultra-liberal San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy, Francis’ latest US cardinal pick – and his most egregious one yet.

Bishop Robert McElroy

Raymond Wolfe (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis shocked the Church on Sunday with his announcement of 21 new cardinals, including 16 cardinal electors, to be installed at a consistory on August 27.

The appointments unsurprisingly include several overt liberals, like pro-LGBT Brazilian Archbishop Leonardo Ulrich Steiner and anti-Latin Mass Vatican liturgy chief Archbishop Arthur Roche.

But the Pope’s most radical pick is Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, known to faithful Catholics as arguably the most pro-homosexual, left-wing prelate in the United States. Article published by LifeSiteNews. For the full article, click here.

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