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Unholy Warriors (Holy Warriors Part 9)

Today’s readings:

Isaiah 10:5-16

Psalm 94:5-15

God sends out holy warriors and fights with and for them, giving them the victory, at times in truly miraculous ways. We fight God’s war, but to be in His armies and to savor the victories, we need to be striving for holiness. Now here is a reality: if we are unholy, then God Himself fights against us, His very own people!

This was the case with Judah, as God’s nation strayed away from the faith. God used its enemy Assyria to punish it. “Ah! Assyria, the rod of my wrath, the staff I wield in anger. Against an impious nation I send him, and against a people under my wrath I order him to seize plunder, carry off loot, and to trample them like the mud of the street.” (Is 10:5-6).

Why does God crush His very own people? “They crush your people, Lord, torment your very own.” (Ps 94:5). God does this in order to turn His people away from their evil ways and to return to Him. “Does the one who guides nations not rebuke?” (Ps 94:10a). Once the people are chastised, then they will turn away from evil and return to God’s guidance and ways. “Blessed the one whom you guide, Lord, whom you teach by your instruction, to give rest from evil days” (Ps 94:12-13a).

Be assured. God will always be there for us. “For the Lord will not forsake his people, nor abandon his inheritance.” (Ps 94:14). If we are holy warriors, we will win God’s victories. If we become unholy, then God Himself turns against us, in order to ultimately win us back. “Judgment shall again be just, and all the upright of heart will follow it.” (Ps 94:15).

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