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Farmers’ Protests (UNDER THE FIG TREE Part 21)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

In January this year, we had the Freedom Convoys, where truckers protested the totalitarian

lockdowns in Canada, which spread to the USA and Europe. Now we have the farmers convoys, triggered by Dutch farmers a week ago, protesting against climate change restrictions which is negatively impacting their livelihood. The protests have spread, which now include farmers in Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany.

European governments are enacting strict policies linked to the EU’s Natura 2000, which

seeks to protect birds and habitats, looking to ecological coherence for wild fauna and flora.

While seemingly noble, farmers are being directly impacted and hit with restrictions. And now they are even threatened with having their land seized outright.

All this is part of the green movement, led by radical elites such as Klaus Schwab (World

Economic Forum) and Bill Gates. This is disrupting global energy systems, food systems and

supply chains. Gates wants the world to stop consuming beef and transition to synthetic beef. The assault on traditional farmers is very real.

The green movement is part of the Great Reset of the New World Order, the totalitarian

take-over of the world by unelected global elites, who will decide how life is to be lived.

And never forget: these elites are concerned about birds but not about the unborn in the

womb, which they continue to aggressively abort.

The common peoples of the world need to rise up against totalitarian elites and the demonic New World Order.


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