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German Catholic Youth Group on Allowing Children to Choose their Gender Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? 227

Very many Catholic youth, especially in the West, have already been indoctrinated in liberal and woke culture. We have already lost our children to the zeitgeist. This bodes great ill for the future of the Church.

Children choosing their gender? This is so ridiculous. But it is mainstream with liberals, who are very much heterodox in their faith.

Now this “Catholic” youth group is among the many voices in the synodal process. This is what Pope Francis wants to listen to. Instead of just telling Catholics what is right and true, the hierarchy is encouraging such self-destructive voices to be heard and even accepted.

Germany’s Catholic youth group lobbies for law allowing children to ‘choose their gender’

Targeting children with these radical transgender and LGBT ideologies always reminds me of this quote by Lenin: 'Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.'

Whenever you think it could not possibly get worse in the German Catholic Church, another scandal is already waiting behind the next corner.

This time, the national Catholic youth organization involved in the heterodox Synodal Way advocated for a transgender law that would allow children to “choose their gender.”

The Federation of German Catholic Youth wrote in a statement that they “know that children and young people are experts of who they are,” and that they “are convinced that children and young people can stand up for themselves regardless of their age.”

The youth organization responded to Germany’s so-called “self-determination law” that was proposed earlier in 2022 by Germany’s left-wing government. The legislation allows persons from the age of 18, and under certain conditions from the age of 14, to legally change their gender once a year.

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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