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Pope Encourages Dissident German and Belgian Bishops (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 215)

Again this should make it clear where the direction of Pope Francis is going. He is a liberal and modernist who teaches heresy.

He also engages in doublespeak. He says he disapproves of abortion, but he encourages chief abortionist Joe Biden to continue with what he is doing, and to receive Holy Communion in the process. He allowed Cardinals Ladaria and Ouellet to say negative things about the Synodal Way, but was very encouraging of the German bishops (the Belgian bishops gushed over him, saying “what a pope we have!”) . He says he does not approve of the Germans’ Synodal Way, but here he is with his encouraging words and body action that loudly shouts approval.

I think he is using the Germans and Belgians to put forth what he himself believes in and would like to happen, but at a safe distance from himself. If there is much resistance, these bishops get the flak. But if more and more there is growing approval, then his own Synod on Synodality can proceed, with predetermined outcomes.

He is an enemy of orthodoxy, as he cracks down on Tradition, the most egregious crackdown of which is suppressing the Traditional Latin Mass, while being overly warm with these dissident heterodox bishops. Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.

Pope Francis is encouraging dissident bishops to spread error and sinful teaching

Pope Francis gave crucial support to the German and Belgian bishops in their heterodoxy during their respective visits to Rome, with devastating consequences for the Catholic Church.

Cdl. Marx warmly greets Pope Francis during the German bishops' November 2022 ad limina visit.Screenshot/ Vatican News

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — It is becoming increasingly clear that Pope Francis is not only permitting but encouraging dissident bishops to continue promoting non-Catholic actions, a fact which is rapidly accentuating the risk of a formal schism within the Catholic Church.

The past few weeks have seen various ad limina visits made by bishops’ conferences to Rome, with bishops from the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium visiting in successive weeks. With good reason, however, the chief focus has been on the German and Belgian bishops, who both arrived at the Vatican having made headlines for their public assault on the immemorial and unchanging teachings of the Catholic Church.

As the dust falls with all the bishops now returned to their respective homelands, they are not returning with heads hanging in shame, admonished for their very public resistance to Catholicism. Rather, the Catholic bishops from Germany and Belgium have been supported in their heterodoxy by Pope Francis himself, both in his private meetings and in the ineffective statements made by his Dicasterial heads.

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