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Pope Francis and Fr Rupnik (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 226)

Well, when you are a papal favorite, you can do evil but still be very much favored by Pope Francis. Just consider the homosexualist Fr James Martin. And now this sexual abuser of nuns Fr Marko Ivan Rupnik. Fr Martin has regular long one-to-ones with Pope Francis where the Pope encourages him in his work, and he often lectures in Vatican events and conferences. Fr Rupnik is currently active in Vatican activities and dicasteries, and gave a homily to the Papal household in 2020!

Since Pope Francis has already purged his household of conservatives, that Lenten activity of the papal household must be likened to an echo chamber, where like-minded persons preach to one another. And now Fr Rupnik is scheduled to lead the four-day Spiritual Exercises at the Pontifical Sanctuary of trhe Holy House of Loreto in 2023. Please hide the nuns away.

Pope Francis claims to have a "no tolerance" policy on sexual abuse by clerics. Well, in Fr Rupnik’s case, the Pope has not only been highly tolerant, has not only condoned serious wrongdoing, but has elevated this priest in high esteem.

Disgraced Jesuit gave homily to Papal household weeks after investigators found he absolved sexual ‘accomplice’

The Jesuits' official timeline regarding Fr. Rupnik and the different investigations into his conduct appears to undermine Pope Francis' claims that he has a 'no tolerance' policy on abuse.

Pope Francis in audience with Fr. Rupnik, January 2022.Screenshot/ Twitter

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — As more details come to light regarding the shocking case of Jesuit Father Marko Ivan Rupnik, the Jesuit’s own timeline shows that he was already judged guilty of having absolved a sexual accomplice in confession weeks before he was asked by Pope Francis to lead a Lenten homily.

As LifeSiteNews has extensively reported – HERE, HERE and HERE – Rupnik has been accused of psychologically and sexually abusing religious sisters in an order for which he was a co-founder. The religious community was founded by a nun to whom Rupnik was both a friend and a “spiritual father.”

In a separate offense, Rupnik was also automatically excommunicated and found guilty by an ecclesiastical court of absolving in confession a woman with whom he had sexual relations.

Beset with questions about the dates regarding Rupnik’s alleged actions and the investigations into them, the Society of Jesus (the Jesuit order) released a detailed timeline earlier this week.

Absolving an accomplice in Confession: 2015 – 2020

The allegations that Rupnik absolved a woman with whom he had conducted sexual relations date back to October 2018, according to the Jesuit timeline, although the event itself is believed to have taken place in 2015.

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.


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