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A Globalist Panic Attack (In Hoc Signo Vinces Part 26)

Are you awake yet? Have you not yet seen the works and intent of the globalist New World Order? Do you not see the great deceptions?

* The COVID pandemic and vaccine mandates, and the collusion of the Church hierarchy.

* Are you still ga-ga over Zelenskyy?

* Do you still not know what the Great Reset is all about?

* Are you not aware of the indoctrination of children in schools and throughout society?

* Are you as a Christian and especially Christian leader still silent?

* Are you still admiring Pope Francis as he becomes the climate change and LGBT champion?

* Are you falling for the useless Synod on Synodality?

Please listen to modern-day prophet Michael Matt. You have no excuse for remaining asleep.

Calling on laypeople to awaken, rise, and raise your prophetic voices.

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