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Abp. Vigano on fusion of Deep State and Deep Church (And You Will Know The Truth Part 45)

Instead of the Church influencing the State for the better, the State has taken hold of the Church and is leading her astray, with the collusion of liberal hierarchs. The enemy is within and the Church is being destroyed from within.


Abp. Viganò: Global liberalism and Communism are destroying the Church and society from within

The future of the Great Reset is ultimately doomed, said the archbishop, who urged people to form part of the resistance by raising holy families.

Archbishop Viganò prays the rosary at the 2017 Rome March for LifeClaire Chretien / LifeSiteNews

Michael Haynes (LifeSiteNews) – Corruption in the Church and society is linked, said Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, and both spheres have changed into a “communist-type dictatorship.” Speaking to former Trump advisor Steve Bannon on his show Bannon’s War Room, the archbishop dealt with a wide-ranging array of topics, from corruption in the Catholic Church to the Great Reset and Russia’s war with Ukraine.

He described a “Manichean division between good and evil,” which is manifested in such opposing views as “left vs. right, liberalism vs. fascism, globalism vs. sovereignism, vaccinism vs. no-vax.”

Archbishop Viganò said that in the eyes of society the “‘good guys’ are obviously those on the left: liberal but supportive, globalist, inclusive, ecumenical, resilient, and sustainable,” whereas “patriots, Christians, right-wingers, sovereignists, and heterosexuals” are seen as the “bad guys.” Alluding to wide-spread societal change in the West, Archbishop Viganò described this process as a “fusion of the worst of liberalism with the worst of collective socialism.”

Article published by LifeSiteNews. For the full article, click here.

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