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Abp Vigano on Ukraine - 2 (In Hoc Signo Vinces Part 22)

The US Deep State is composed not just of the corrupt liberal Democratic Party of Death, but also of Neocons, conservatives who want war, to benefit the military-industrial complex. The latest victim is Ukraine.

They are now assaulting Abp Vigano. But this is an opportunity for Abp Vigano to expose further what is really happening in Ukraine, including the egregious fake news that most of the world is seeing.

According to Abp Vigano, whom I totally believe as against the fake news Western mainstream media, the following, which have succeeded in getting the world to hate Putin and Russia, are FAKE:

  • Bombing of Mariupol children’s hospital but was actually long used as military barracks.

  • Bombing of the theater in Mariupol with lots of victims was denied by Ukranian local authorities.

  • Deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure was actually caused by Zelenskyy’s militias.

Early on in the conflict, Western media pushed many fake news:

  • The Russian tank that ran over a car with the driver in it was actually a Ukraniang tank that lost control.

  • The Ghost of Kyiv that is non-existent.

  • Many other videos that came not from the war front but from other world events, even including one from an Internet war game.

Abp Vigano mentions much more:

  • Existence of Americal biolabs (denied by the US but affirmed by the WHO).

  • Corruption of the Biden family in Burisma and others.

  • Zelenskyy’s use of neo-Nazi paramilitaries (already denounced as guilty of war crimes by the UN and AI), trained by the CIA.

  • Censorship in Europe of broadcasters Russia Today and Sputnik.

  • Zelenskyy’s suppression of the 11 opposition parties even before the war.

  • George Soros’ role in the Maidan revolution that overthrew the democratically-elected pro-Russian government in 2013-2014.

  • Ethnic cleansing in the Donbas.

This is the globalist cabal of the World Economic Forum at work, which was also behind the pandemic.

If you want more of the truth, here is the documentary done by renowned film maker Oliver Stone in 2019. It is long, but well worth watching, if you really want to know the truth.

Continue to stand with Abp Vigano against the egregious lies of the West and the advance of the diabolical New World Order.

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