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Cardinal Hollerich on listening to the spirit in the Synod on Synodality (Liberal Bishops Part 112)

Cardinal Hollerich claims to be “listening to the Spirit.” He indeed is listening to the spirit, that is, the spirit of the age, which is a diabolical lying spirit intent on deceiving the Church and overturning her values and culture. He is pushing acceptance of homosexuality, as well as Communion for the divorced and remarried, and women’s ordination, all of which are contrary to the teaching and tradition of the Church over two millennia. These deviations cannot come from the Holy Spirit, which protects and preserves the Church from modernist error.

The Cardinal is now overconfident, that opponents of Synodality will not be able to stop the deviations from authentic Church teaching. So he indeed has shown his hand, on what they are using the Synod on Synodality for, which is to bring about and justify such changes. He of course is following the lead of the one leading the charge, who is Pope Francis.

Cdl. Hollerich brags that Synod on Synodality opponents ‘won’t be able to stop it’

Cdl. Hollerich has also joined Cdl. Mario Grech in issuing a letter repeating the argument that the Synod is listening 'to the Spirit.'

Cardinal Jean-Claude HollerichScreenshot/Vatican News

The leaders of the Synod on Synodality have doubled down on the process with Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich stating that those who oppose it “know that they will not be able to stop it.”

As noted by Vatican journalist Ed Pentin, the Belgium cardinal, who serves as relator general of the Synod as well as head of the European Bishops’ Conference, made the statement in an interview with Italian news outlet Quotidiano Nazionale.

Responding to a question about an unspecified number of people, including “bishops and cardinals,” who are “just waiting for him [Francis] to step back,” Hollerich suggested that opposition to Francis was tied to opposition to the Synod. “It is the same people and the same circles that are afraid of the Synod and of a Church on the move, no longer stuck in the past,” he stated.

“In truth they know that they will not be able to stop it,” Hollerich added.

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