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Mysteries of Righteous Anger (AND YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH Part 48)

Mysteries of the Lord’s Righteous Anger! How unique! How wonderful! How insightful! You can really see that this faithful priest, Fr James Altman, is a prayerful man.

Praying in this way is important in engaging in today’s spiritual war. This type of prayer addresses the following:

  • Those liberals who are politically correct, just accompanying and embracing sinners without talking about their sin.

  • Those Catholics who do not want to speak out against the evils of the time and even evil persons within the Church, preferring to just keep silent and pray for them. Yes, do pray, but do also speak out!

  • Those who by their silent acquiescence not just condone sin, but encourage such sin to continue and even proliferate.

  • Those pastors who are complicit in the grave sin of others since they do not speak out.

  • Those pastors who equate grave evils such as abortion with such social causes as climate change.

Jesus confronted evil and was vocal and even physically violent against those who perpetrate such evil. This is the right model for us.


Mysteries of Righteous Anger

by Fr. Paul John Kalchik

Confronting evil properly

Father James Altman spoke at the recent conference held by the Coalition for Canceled Priests in Beloit, Wisconsin. During Fr. Altman's moving presentation titled "Lord, Teach Us to Pray," he suggested a new set of "mysteries" for the Rosary for our trying times.

Fr. AltmanThese he titled "Mysteries of Our Lord's Righteous Anger." These mysteries, based upon the Gospels, lead those praying to reflect upon how Our Lord dealt forthrightly with the injustices and evil He encountered during His public ministry. Our Lord, in a holy and righteous way, directly confronted evil and all perpetrators thereof. He never equivocated.

Jesus did not step back from the bad characters He met as He proclaimed the Kingdom of God, nor did He grant them concessions. Jesus did not engage in fraternal dialogue or "listening sessions" with those possessed by evil spirits or living lives of sin.

Article published by ChurchMilitant For the full article, click here.

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