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Pope Francis Defrocks Fr Frank Pavone - Part 3 (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 224)

Big State and Big Church have long gotten together. Pres Biden of the USA and Pope Francis see eye-to-eye on how to go about aspects of the culture of DEATH (acceptance of homosexuality, inaction regarding pro-aborts, vax mandates, climate change hysteria, totalitarian world domination). And they agree on clamping down on conservatives, especially those who actively oppose their agenda.

Pres Biden has harnessed the whole Federal government, including the FBI, IRS and all other agencies, to assault the rights of conservatives, while strongly advancing the anti-faith, anti-family, anti-life forces. Now here is the Vatican, fully supportive of heretics such as Fr James Martin, all in with the globalist agenda of totalitarian domination, now more aggressively clamping down on conservatives who are actively doing God’s work.

The Vatican has defrocked Fr Frank Pavone, one of the strongest pro-life voices in the USA. The reasons are flimsy and without adequate basis. But as Fr Frank fears, that might not be all, as the Vatican may move to excommunicate him. This is the state equivalent of arresting and incarcerating pro-lifers who are peaceful but resolved in their advocacy.

If the Vatican can excommunicate Fr Frank, it can excommunicate anyone else. For no reason except to silence dissent. This is chilling. And demonic.

But we cannot cower under oppression and persecution. We must stand firm and defend Christ and our Church.

Fr. Pavone tells Taylor Marshall he’s ‘sure’ Vatican wants him excommunicated

The priest said that what has happened to him regarding his dismissal from the priestly state is 'an extension of what’s happened over the past 21 years.'

(LifeSiteNews) – Father Frank Pavone is certain that his dismissal from the clerical state is not the last punishment in store for him.

On Tuesday while speaking with Dr. Taylor Marshall on the latter’s YouTube show to tell his side of laicization story, the national director of Priests for Life said that he was convinced an excommunication was coming.

Pavone disclosed that he still hadn’t received any guidance from the Church hierarchy about his penalty and said: “I wouldn’t be surprised, Taylor, if I never hear from them again except when they send me the decree of excommunication— because I’m sure that’s what they want.”

Regarding the penalty he has already received, Pavone said that he was “telling people ten years ago” that he was going to hear “through the media that they’ve dismissed me from the priesthood.” “I said those exact words,” he added.

Pavone said that what has happened to him regarding his dismissal from the priestly state is “an extension of what’s happened over the past 21 years.”

He said that in 2001 some “bishops started to get pretty uncomfortable” with the pro-life organization due to the growing “size and influence.”

After the bishops became “nervous that they weren’t controlling the Priests for Life finances…[and] they started making moves to restrict” his ministry.

At a certain point Pavone’s former bishop tried to have him removed as leader of the organization, but a solution was reached wherein he was placed at a parish where he wasn’t needed and could continue his work.

“About a decade ago” an audit was done of the organization. The Vatican looked at all the finances “and said they were all good.”

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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