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Pope Francis launches "ecological conversion" training center (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 241)

In the spirit of St Francis of Assisi, my patron saint, I laud Pope Francis’ concern about ecology and “our common home.” I love nature.

Now in contrast to climate activists that increase CO2 in the atmosphere by flying around in their private jets, I have a very small carbon footprint, and I, with my family, have actually planted trees in a 20-hectare plot of shrub urban land, converting it into a veritable forest. Having laid out my environment credentials, I am able to speak against climate change hysteria.

Climate does change, going up and down, at times in extremes, through the centuries. Climate activists used to call it global warming, but when the globe was not continually warming, changed it to “climate change,” which is safe, since climate does change. Climate change alarmists have been wrong time and again about their predictions of global disaster, but still they persist in their deception. No, the ice caps are not going to melt, and the seas are not going to rise dramatically. Just ask former US President Obama, who bought two luxurious seaside properties in Martha’s Vineyard and in Hawaii.

Now Pope Francis has joined the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change as well as the Paris Climate Agreement. These are both related to population control advocates and lobby groups. The Paris Agreement is pro-abortion and connects to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which look to a universal right to abortion and contraception.

Climate activists blame population for climate change, and would like to cut down world population, down to as much as only 500 million (how I wish these globalist depopulationists would start by eliminating themselves). Further, climate activists, in blaming CO2 emissions, would like to cut out cows because they fart a lot of methane (this is how ridiculous they get). So no more steaks. In fact, they would like us eating bugs.

By the way, Jeffrey Sachs, a radical population control activist, is credited with making a major contribution as a ghostwriter to the Pope’s Laudato Si.

Pope Francis launches ‘ecological conversion’ training center at papal summer residence

The new center will operate out of Castel Gandolfo and will provide a training ground to promote the ‘convictions, new attitudes and lifestyles’ necessary for ‘ecological conversion.’

Pope Francis has launched an education center in the traditional Papal summer residence of Castel Gandolfo to promote the “ecological conversion” which he called for in Laudato Si.

Pope Francis’ new initiative was announced in a press release from the governorate of the Vatican City State on February 2, which hailed the launch of the “Borgo Laudato Si” project. In the papal decree, Francis described the project as a “forum for confrontation” which would further his desire to promote an ecological style of spirituality, as outlined in Laudato Si.

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