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Renaming Good Friday (Assaults on Faith, Family, and Life Part 7)

Here is another example of the stupidity of liberals, and the continuing assault against the Judeo-Christian faith.


Indiana mayor renames Good Friday ‘Spring Holiday’: cites ‘inclusivity’

(Catholic League) -- Bloomington, Indiana Mayor John Hamilton stuck his middle finger in the face of all Christians by taking his axe to Good Friday. And he did so in the name of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion. He also nixed Columbus Day.

The name Good Friday offends the censorial mayor, and that is why he renamed it “Spring Holiday”; Columbus Day offends him as well, which is why it will forever be known as “Fall Holiday.” He did not say why Martin Luther King, Jr. Day would not be renamed “Winter Holiday.”

Let’s be honest. Hamilton would not rename Martin Luther King, Jr. Day “Winter Holiday” because he does not want to offend blacks. He opted to rename Good Friday “Spring Holiday” because he doesn’t mind offending Christians. Yes, it is just that simple.

“These updated names for two days of well-merited time off is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity,” Hamilton said. Inclusivity is a ruse—it is a multicultural weapon used to foster intolerance of our Judeo-Christian heritage. In actual fact, Christians are being excluded by denying recognition of a central day in their religious calendar.

If Hamilton were honest, he would simply cancel Good Friday and make it a workday. Instead, he exploits a Christian holiday so that government workers can freeload off the taxpayers in the name of celebrating springtime. There is no “well-merited” meaning to that contrived argument.

Mayor Hamilton comes from a home where religious bigotry is not only tolerated, it is celebrated. His wife is Dawn Johnsen, an Alt-Left extremist and anti-Catholic activist.

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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