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The Great Resist (And You Will Know The Truth Part 55)

THE GREAT RESIST! Yes! What a fitting response to the GREAT RESET.

Listen well to the modern-day prophet Michael Matt as he analyzes what has been going on in the world and in the Church. It is truly a fight between good and evil, with the whole world already sucked into the vortex. As we are in the end times, the evil one has unleashed all its world powers in order to bring about a diabolical New World Order.

Sadly, the liberals and modernists in our own Catholic Church are on the opposite side of God’s righteousness. The enemy is without as well as within. Corruption is both with the Big State and the Big Church.

But there is hope. God is raising warriors to lead the resistance — Abp Vigano, Bp Schneider, Voris, Westen, Trump, Desantis, Orban, Meloni, Musk, Putin. These are those who are rising in defense of faith, family and life.

They lead, but God’s people need to follow. Rise up in holy resistance!

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