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The Ideal of Catholic Masculinity (In Hoc Signo Vinces Part 27)

Liberals in the Church today are denigrating masculinity, declaring it toxic. Liberals are promoting effiminacy in men, and at the height of this, pushing transgenderism on men to “become" women. Modernists in the hierarchy want Catholics just to be nice people, and not be holy warriors who obey the final marching orders of our Lord Jesus, to evangelize and make converts.

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The Ideal of Catholic Masculinity

by Raymond de Souza,

First in a series on chivalry

Masculinity is so derided as toxic these days that it deserves to be promoted and exalted. Crusaders rushing into battleAuthentic Catholic masculinity was epitomized in medieval chivalry. Picture, if you will, an army of men, standards floating to the winds of glory, rushing upon the infidels in a cavalcade of faith and heroism.

This happened at the times of the Crusades, in the times when there was much faith on earth — times when people would follow the counsel of Christ when He said, "He that hath not, let him sell his coat and buy a sword." (Luke 22:36).

Those were the centuries of faith and glory — the centuries of chivalry. What Was Chivalry?

Chivalry was the Christian form of the military condition. It was a sort of code of conduct for knights. As we use the term today, we often think of chivalry as an ideal of military life and of gentlemanly conduct. It was by means of this chivalry that the Church transformed barbarians into saints.

In spite of all the defects that are known to us, chivalry gave the Church a collection of saints — men and women. Holiness was multiplied in them by heroism — by the magnificent energies they had. It suffices to evoke the saints, kings and queens since the 12th century; there have never been so many saints among the heads of states in a state known as being Catholic.

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