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Transgender Madness - 2 (Assaults on Faith, Family, and Life Part 9)

Liberals are so ridiculous. There are only 2 sexes -- male and female, but liberals in their social reengineering have come up with, in this particular list, 37 genders. Including “neither”! Such madness.


Online dating app leaves male-female ‘binary’ behind, adds these 37 ‘gender identities’

The online “hookup” and “dating” app Tinder announced Tuesday that it is expanding its “gender identity” choices for users from “male” and “female” to a total of almost 40 genders in a move heralded by the widely-distrusted “mainstream” media who regularly promote transgenderism.

The Los Angeles-based company worked directly with the LGBTQ organization GLAAD to add 37 new “gender identities,” such as “Genderqueer,” “Two Spirit,” “Transmasculine,” and “Neither.” Bigenders, Pangenders and Agenders

Here is the full list of 37 new “gender identity” options for users added by Tinder, courtesy of the Daily Mail. It is not clear why both “Female to Male” and its acronym, FTM — and “Male to Female” and MTF — are listed as separate gender identities:

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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