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Vatican II and the Spirit of the Age - 2 (And You Will Know The Truth Part 58)

Pope Francis often touts Vatican II. Indeed a lot of good things came out of Vatican II. But it has also been hijacked by the liberals and modernists.

After Vatican II Church leaders did not condemn communism nor contraception. Neither do they do so today. In fact, Church higher-ups are coddlers of Communists, homosexualists and anti-lifers. Further, they invoke Vatican II but put forth heretical teachings not in the documents of Vatican II, such as just following conscience, tolerance of evil, not evangelizing, and the equality of all religions.

Spirit of Vatican II

We have part III of our series commemorating the 60th anniversary of Vatican II. We know the Council produced documents, but in the past half century, all we've heard about is the "spirit of Vatican II." With us now is Church Militant's Dr. Paul Murano to explain the difference.

Since the Word and the Spirit can never contradict each other, it seems some people have used the Council disingenuously as a launching pad to promote modernism. In tonight's In-Depth Report, we look at whether this "spirit of Vatican II' actually corresponds to the Council itself.

Alice von Hildebrand, author, speaker and professor: "Stalin, soon after he came to power, ordered his cronies to invade Catholic seminaries with young men that had neither faith nor morals."

Some 2,400 prelates gathered in Rome just 40 years after Soviet leader Joseph Stalin ordered the infiltration of Catholic seminaries. How many worked their way up the Church ladder to influence the Council is unknown.

Tens of millions drowned under the red tide during that time, yet, the bishops did not condemn communism.

Article Published by ChurchMilitant. For the Full Article click here.

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